Chibi_Fluffy (chibi_fluffy) wrote in meezerluv,

I has a kitty~

 I present to you guys a one year old Red Point (?) Siamese, Lychee!!
He is gorgeous. Only took 2 pics of his pretty face since I do not want to harass him with photography just yet :B
He only arrived a few hours ago :B
So the gal that was not supposed to get a cat before getting out of the parents house in 3 years as a cat * 4*
I am so happy > w<
I hope he gets out of his corner soon xP

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Aww I can't wait until he comes out of his shell - and believe me he will! Congrats on the new meezer in your life. It will seriously change your life, you have no idea! I love my meezer boy, he's awesome and he's my clown, my entertainment, my best buddy and constant companion. You will laugh so much more than you have ever laughed in your life! Don't be shy with the camera, although keep the flash out of his eyes. Say hi to Lychee from Jing Jing!
Oh, what a pretty flame-point! Good luck with him :D