~Chibi Rachy~ (chibirachy) wrote in meezerluv,
~Chibi Rachy~

Furniture Repellant?

So I've two old lady meezers (12 and 11), and I moved out on my own back at the end of August. The furniture in my place was already provided. When I lived at home with the 'rents, they would have to be discouraged from scratching the furniture, which worked for the most part and we had a sofa cover that they didn't care for either. Here it's the same thing. For the most part, they don't scratch, especially when I'm around. There are times though I'll hear them at night when I wake up. I've searched around online to see about various repellants, but everything has mixed reviews. Anyone suggest ones that definitely worked for them?

Also to randomly make a comment, everyone but my family tried to advise against me moving the two cats out of the place they'd grown up and lived all their life to a new apartment. I did anyway, and it had the opposite effect on them. Mittens has almost doubled her weight so instead of almost being underweight she's now at a very healthy weight. Baby is often out now and always demanding attention, instead of hiding. They have no dog, no daycare kids, and no other family members to deal with. It truly was ideal.
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