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We Are Siamese

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You want to see this! [24 Jan 2011|07:50pm]

I just HAD to share! Click the picture to see the full post...
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I has a kitty~ [21 Nov 2010|09:47pm]

 I present to you guys a one year old Red Point (?) Siamese, Lychee!!
He is gorgeous. Only took 2 pics of his pretty face since I do not want to harass him with photography just yet :B
He only arrived a few hours ago :B
So the gal that was not supposed to get a cat before getting out of the parents house in 3 years as a cat * 4*
I am so happy > w<
I hope he gets out of his corner soon xP

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Happy Halloween from Jing Jing [24 Oct 2010|05:31pm]


Last year, as a kitten, he was a sushi roll. This year, he's fully grown into a sushi chef!
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My baby's not a baby anymore! [30 Sep 2010|05:30pm]


Jing Jing has grown into quite the

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CUTE OVERLOAD! :) [04 Sep 2010|11:19am]

Do you love them talking as much as I do?
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[17 Jul 2010|05:18pm]

We took Oli to the vet on Friday to have his staples removed. Thankfully his normal vet did not think a biopsy is needed ASAP and we can take a "wait and see" approach. I asked if his previous predinsone shot or the Frontline flea medication could have caused the thinning skin. She ruled out the predinsone but said he could have had a bad reaction to the flea meds, hopefully a pill for cats will come out soon so we can do away with the topical.
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[06 Jul 2010|06:39pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Uggg..love the Snowshoes but hate the extensive medical issues mine have had.

Last Saturday I took Oli to the vet due to two hairless spots that weren't healing. The largest spot looked like normal skin but then developed another scab. The vet gently pulled on it and his skin literally split open and seemed to separate from the layer below for a 1" long section. She tried to glue it with no success so decided to staple the wound, but not before shaving a small patch and having the split expand. Blood work was ordered and came back normal, but now we are looking at a skin biopsy. Unfortunately the words "cancer" and specifically, "lymphoma" were tossed around by the vet.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a meezer with similar skin symptoms and/or a diagnosis of cutaneous lymphoma. I'd like to get a handle on what we might be looking at so we can make the best decisions.

Thanks in advance!

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R.I.P. Topper [05 Jul 2010|10:31pm]

 R.I.P. Topper

He was a very, very sweet, loving, gentle, adoring, cuddle-bug of a cat. I will miss him so much. 

He was one of the ones that inspired me to found this community. 
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New kitty! [29 May 2010|10:40am]

[ mood | happy ]

After losing my fluffy meezer mix far too soon to congestive heart failure, I had no intention of getting another cat for a while. I knew I'd be back at Virginia Siamese Rescue when I was ready, but I couldn't, just couldn't.

Okay, I'll look at the site and see who's there. Maybe a big male, a snowshoe, nothing like my tortie-girl so I wouldn't be constantly comparing.

And then ohh...this face:

Her owner died the same week I lost Kaylee, and I couldn't NOT ask about her, and just over a week after losing my girl, I brought this one home - say hello to Kensi :)

She's just darling.

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An update [02 May 2010|08:39am]

I didn't have a chance to do this until now, but I wanted to give an update on Mittens (as she sits in my lap watching me type this).

She went to the vet on Thursday and he says it's not the cancer again. Since the bump can change sizes varying on the day (from being almost non-existant to more of a BB pellet) and because it moves in the skin, he says we're just going to keep an eye on it. It does not stay put like the other bump. He's also not sure if it's just scar tissue from the surgery cropping up, since he did take out some muscle when getting the original tumor out.

The deal is to watch it and bring her in every so often to have it looked at, or sooner if things drastically change. She goes back in June for her yearly checkup with Baby so we'll see how things are then.

Mittens was awful mad at me though. She has to ride in a cage because of her tendency to get sick or do other things so on the way home I stopped at a gas station for a bathroom break. I came back out to find her facing the passenger door away from me and she would not turn around once the whole ride home (it's about 45 minutes). She truly is a queen.
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[25 Apr 2010|11:27pm]

Not really sure how I  wanted to word this,so if I ramble a bit, forgive me.

It seems that Mittens' cancer has returned. A couple weeks ago I noticed the bump again in the same spot as before. There were one or two days where it appeared to move location, but is pretty much always in the same spot. I haven't taken her to the vet; I know the vet will tell me the same thing as before, and this time we know that she does have cancer. When she had the surgery near a year and a half ago, he had said he wouldn't risk putting her under if she got it again because of her age. Mittens is now 12 1/2 years old. I don't want to risk it either. I'm not that selfish.

Only thing is, I'm not sure what I should do. I keep an eye on her and the bump. Her habits are the same as always and she's not changed a bit in that aspect. She's not bothered by the bump and it's not painful to her if it's touched. The lab results from the original surgery said she had a malignant carcinoma.

Advice or thoughts?
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Camera Cat Pictures [17 Apr 2010|03:00pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

I've had my LG-VX5200 for about 4 years and the time has come to replace it: the replacement battery has now started to die. I've spent a good bit of time today sending pix messages from my phone to my email address and thought some of you might enjoy seeing these.

Snowcrash kissing Sugar, moments before she whacked him:

More of Sugar aloneCollapse )


More of Kosette:Collapse )


Snowcrash and Kosette:


More of Snowcrash:Collapse )


More of Zathras:Collapse )

As always, if you like pictures of our cats, check out our photo comic: SugarTheCat.com.

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[22 Feb 2010|03:31pm]

I just wanted to share a photo of my sweet lynx-point brothers, Tucker and Aiden, four years old. Such snuggly boys!

Tucker & Aiden
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Mah Meezers :) [24 Jan 2010|11:35pm]

[ mood | amused ]

More under the cut...Collapse )

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New Kitty Owner/Fancier [20 Dec 2009|02:17pm]

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the world of siamese but I am so desperately in love with my kitty! After my husband decided it'd be a good idea to literally abandon me and my children, I thought it a good idea to bring in a friend to take my mind off of things.

So Romeo was brought into my home. He was born on Valentine's Day and I figured, if I didn't have a Romeo I may as well BUY one :D

This cat, man. I had no idea kitties could be so full of themselves and full of personality! I swear he's like a dog in a cat's body. Not only does he follow me to the grocery store (if he happens to be outside), he'll sit outside the store door waiting for me (of course, meowing the whole time), he also opens every cabinet door in my kitchen during the day while I'm gone.

I've come home to plastic shopping bags strewn around the house, I've even come home to piles of potatoes in the middle of the floor with a cat snuggled and loving them. Where he found them, I have no idea. There was a time when he was escaping out the side of the air conditioner and proved to be quite the hunter, I've come home to disembodied rabbit's feet, bird heads and god forbid, a GUINEA PIG. I have NO idea where that came from.

I spoke with my neighbor about the potatoes (thinking Romeo had been digging in her compost) and she told me she's seen him walking around with a tomato in his mouth. And she didn't catch it on video???? Come on, I could be rich.

The air conditioner is now gone (of course) and he's choosing to stay indoors to brighten my day, which he does with every minute. I swear I just heard him call up the stairs, "mmma mmmmma!!!". If he could say "dammit" that would have been included judging by the sound of his voice.

Here is my sweet baby when he was about 6 mths old. Who needs a man when you have a Siamese?.
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Furniture Repellant? [15 Nov 2009|04:53pm]

So I've two old lady meezers (12 and 11), and I moved out on my own back at the end of August. The furniture in my place was already provided. When I lived at home with the 'rents, they would have to be discouraged from scratching the furniture, which worked for the most part and we had a sofa cover that they didn't care for either. Here it's the same thing. For the most part, they don't scratch, especially when I'm around. There are times though I'll hear them at night when I wake up. I've searched around online to see about various repellants, but everything has mixed reviews. Anyone suggest ones that definitely worked for them?

Also to randomly make a comment, everyone but my family tried to advise against me moving the two cats out of the place they'd grown up and lived all their life to a new apartment. I did anyway, and it had the opposite effect on them. Mittens has almost doubled her weight so instead of almost being underweight she's now at a very healthy weight. Baby is often out now and always demanding attention, instead of hiding. They have no dog, no daycare kids, and no other family members to deal with. It truly was ideal.
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[07 Jul 2009|11:15pm]

I  never did do an update on Mittens. I observed her over the weekend, but by the deadline I'd given myself to take her to the vet, the spot was gone. It was strange. The night after I posted here, the spot was in a different place. Then two days later it was gone and there's nothing at all and hasn't been since. She's been fine and she got over the stress of the shots as well.

Now she's got ear trouble and I've been looking at my books and online. Her ears are red. On the right side there's what looks like tiny bite marks and on the left, there's a small swollen bump. I've checked her over for fleas with mom and she doesn't have the signs for ear mites either. She's not in pain, there's no smell, and no waxy buildup. The earliest I can get to the vet is Thursday, as my mom is taking my car tomorrow and Wednesdays are the day that our vet does appointments only and is usually on house calls. I plan to go to the vet, but does anyone have any other suggestions as to what this could be?
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Trouble spot on chest? [19 Jun 2009|10:27pm]

I posted here before about Mittens and the lump we'd originally found on her back in December. That came back as indeed being cancerous, and I've monitored her since with no worries.

However, tonight I was fooling with her and felt something on her upper chest. I'd been leaving her alone the past few days, as she'd just gotten 3 vaccinations from the vet for the year and he had said she'd be sore and not herself over the next few days because of her age (11 1/2). She seems to have recovered from that, aside from losing hair around the spot where he gave the vaccinations. She's back to her usual routine and self.

What I felt was nothing like the lump before. Before it was like a small ball attached to the skin. It did not move when touched. This was at the top of the chest, and reminded me of an air pocket or something, like liquid gathered in the area. I'm not sure. It'll move some when touched, so it's not attached. All I know is that it's not the same as before. 

It's something recent, and I'm wondering if it's a reaction to the shots she received, since I didn't feel it before the vet visit, and the vet didn't notice it either. Should I take her back and have it checked right away or should I wait? I live in a more rural area, so our vet is 45 minutes away, but I'm more than willing to go if it's urgent. I can't seem to find too much on the internet so far that's any help.
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Surgery... [12 Dec 2008|09:29pm]

Upon coming home from college for good (graduated, yay), I fool around with my cat, Mittens and find a lump on her left side at the top of the mammary glands. This concerns and scares me...I start researching it and find that while it could be something else, it's most likely cancer, as she was never spayed and is part Siamese. That was almost a week ago. Today I took her to the vet and he looked her over. I live in a small area and drive 45 minutes to the vet, which is the guy we've had for all our animals. He's seen my cat since she was a kitten.

His diagnosis is that it could be a cyst, but because of other factors it's most likely cancerous. He said he could remove the lump and have it sent for a histopath so that a diagnosis could be made, but that I could also wait and see as well. He also said he does not do pre-op prep, which goes for any surgical procedure. We talked it over and he gave me the costs to take home with me. Mittens is in good health, but the vet said to also be careful because she's 11. He can do the surgery before Christmas, or he said we'd play the wait and see game. I want to go through with the surgery, but I'm still not sure. I don't know what to expect at all. My parents cannot pay for any of it as they are having a rough time with the economy, and my savings is down. I wasn't able to work my last semester of college because as student teachers it's forbidden. So the money I have left is from my summer job and my refund from the college. The surgery would be from $160-$180 (antibiotics included) and the histopath would be $105. I'm willing to pay that amount because I can afford it.

I'm looking for some advice or guidance. Any help is appreciated.
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New [04 Dec 2008|01:40pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

:D   Hi!!

I am new to this community and since no one has posted for some time I thought it would be good to... well... post something XP

I do not have a cat, but I had 3-4 in the past... Now I wish I could get one but I will have to wait to get out of my moms house, which may take more then 3 years XP

Siamese cats are my favorite, and I hopw to get one, one day :D

I have some photos of 1 or 2 siameses I took In the SPA near where I live, but they are on my cellphone.... I should be able to get them out and post them here :D

Those cats were really great, and made me want to have one even more >w<

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