~Chibi Rachy~ (chibirachy) wrote in meezerluv,
~Chibi Rachy~

Trouble spot on chest?

I posted here before about Mittens and the lump we'd originally found on her back in December. That came back as indeed being cancerous, and I've monitored her since with no worries.

However, tonight I was fooling with her and felt something on her upper chest. I'd been leaving her alone the past few days, as she'd just gotten 3 vaccinations from the vet for the year and he had said she'd be sore and not herself over the next few days because of her age (11 1/2). She seems to have recovered from that, aside from losing hair around the spot where he gave the vaccinations. She's back to her usual routine and self.

What I felt was nothing like the lump before. Before it was like a small ball attached to the skin. It did not move when touched. This was at the top of the chest, and reminded me of an air pocket or something, like liquid gathered in the area. I'm not sure. It'll move some when touched, so it's not attached. All I know is that it's not the same as before. 

It's something recent, and I'm wondering if it's a reaction to the shots she received, since I didn't feel it before the vet visit, and the vet didn't notice it either. Should I take her back and have it checked right away or should I wait? I live in a more rural area, so our vet is 45 minutes away, but I'm more than willing to go if it's urgent. I can't seem to find too much on the internet so far that's any help.
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