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Upon coming home from college for good (graduated, yay), I fool around with my cat, Mittens and find a lump on her left side at the top of the mammary glands. This concerns and scares me...I start researching it and find that while it could be something else, it's most likely cancer, as she was never spayed and is part Siamese. That was almost a week ago. Today I took her to the vet and he looked her over. I live in a small area and drive 45 minutes to the vet, which is the guy we've had for all our animals. He's seen my cat since she was a kitten.

His diagnosis is that it could be a cyst, but because of other factors it's most likely cancerous. He said he could remove the lump and have it sent for a histopath so that a diagnosis could be made, but that I could also wait and see as well. He also said he does not do pre-op prep, which goes for any surgical procedure. We talked it over and he gave me the costs to take home with me. Mittens is in good health, but the vet said to also be careful because she's 11. He can do the surgery before Christmas, or he said we'd play the wait and see game. I want to go through with the surgery, but I'm still not sure. I don't know what to expect at all. My parents cannot pay for any of it as they are having a rough time with the economy, and my savings is down. I wasn't able to work my last semester of college because as student teachers it's forbidden. So the money I have left is from my summer job and my refund from the college. The surgery would be from $160-$180 (antibiotics included) and the histopath would be $105. I'm willing to pay that amount because I can afford it.

I'm looking for some advice or guidance. Any help is appreciated.
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Um, what does he mean by "does not do pre-op prep"? The big concern, particularly with an older cat, is that you get a blood panel at least to make sure liver & kidneys are functioning before you put them under anesthesia.
I'm going to guess that he means that
Well I agree make sure that things are functioning pretty well. The locations sounds like maybe a mammory tumor? I guess it could be a mast cell tumor too.

but if you can, I would get the surgury. Ask him to use something for anesthesia that isn't absorbed into the body. It is much gentler. And also consider getting her spayed while she is under. It is never too late and it will help in the future. I have typically had cats live 15-20 years. I think the cost would be worth the comfort she would have.

BTW that is pretty cheap as far as surgical charges go.
I can get the surgery. I am to call Monday if I choose to and set up the appointment. I know it is cheap and it's all I can really afford. My parents can't afford to pay anything, and I have no job yet so all I can go on for now is the funds I have left that I had planned to use on bills. I can ask about the anesthesia, but I'm not sure what he has. I will double-check though
My elderly siamese developed a medium-sized tumor in his fatty tissue on his side when he was about your girl's age. Other than looking a little funny from his pre-op shave, he sailed right through without a moment's trouble. As I recall, he was up and about like nothing happened by the end of the day. Five years later, he's here on my lap helping me type this comment. My feeling is, your girl should be able to handle a surgery just fine, and she likely has plenty of good life ahead, so the surgery really is probably worth it.

Best wishes to both of you from both of us.
Thank you. One can only hope that this will help her to live longer...it appears as though I've caught it early on. I guess only the histopath can tell though. She was my first pet and I got her for my 11th birthday so I want to do what's best for her...she means so much to me. When I researched it said that lumps should be checked out and removed as soon as possible...I just hope it's the right thing.
I'm sure it is the right thing. Even if the lump is benign now, there is no guarantee it would stay that way, so what you've read is correct. It's best to be safe and have it removed. It shouldn't be too hard on Mittens, and no matter what the histopath winds up saying, at least you'll *know*.

I would recommend asking the vet to clarify about "not doing pre-op prep". It's probably no big deal, but it's best to make sure you understand the whole picture. And older kitty (like my sixteen-year-old) probably should have a full workup before any anasthesia, even if their health appears to be good, but eleven is sort of on the cusp--not fully geriatric, but not young, either. If she seems active and healthy and like her typical self, the vet might feel that she doesn't need the full workup.
He did give her a full checkup and she is in good health. She's not changed routines at home either, as we talked about that. If she were older I would be more hesitant but she isn't too old so I think she'd be okay. I really don't have a lot of other options, which is why it's harder to make the choice
I can sympathize. I know it's tough, but take deep breaths and remember that kitties are pretty resilient.

Please keep us updated on how Mittens is--we'll be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
Well, Siamese are one of the longer lived breeds. If yours is part Meezer, 11 could merely be middle aged, and she could have many long years left in her. :)