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Upon coming home from college for good (graduated, yay), I fool around with my cat, Mittens and find a lump on her left side at the top of the mammary glands. This concerns and scares me...I start researching it and find that while it could be something else, it's most likely cancer, as she was never spayed and is part Siamese. That was almost a week ago. Today I took her to the vet and he looked her over. I live in a small area and drive 45 minutes to the vet, which is the guy we've had for all our animals. He's seen my cat since she was a kitten.

His diagnosis is that it could be a cyst, but because of other factors it's most likely cancerous. He said he could remove the lump and have it sent for a histopath so that a diagnosis could be made, but that I could also wait and see as well. He also said he does not do pre-op prep, which goes for any surgical procedure. We talked it over and he gave me the costs to take home with me. Mittens is in good health, but the vet said to also be careful because she's 11. He can do the surgery before Christmas, or he said we'd play the wait and see game. I want to go through with the surgery, but I'm still not sure. I don't know what to expect at all. My parents cannot pay for any of it as they are having a rough time with the economy, and my savings is down. I wasn't able to work my last semester of college because as student teachers it's forbidden. So the money I have left is from my summer job and my refund from the college. The surgery would be from $160-$180 (antibiotics included) and the histopath would be $105. I'm willing to pay that amount because I can afford it.

I'm looking for some advice or guidance. Any help is appreciated.
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