Chibi_Fluffy (chibi_fluffy) wrote in meezerluv,


:D   Hi!!

I am new to this community and since no one has posted for some time I thought it would be good to... well... post something XP

I do not have a cat, but I had 3-4 in the past... Now I wish I could get one but I will have to wait to get out of my moms house, which may take more then 3 years XP

Siamese cats are my favorite, and I hopw to get one, one day :D

I have some photos of 1 or 2 siameses I took In the SPA near where I live, but they are on my cellphone.... I should be able to get them out and post them here :D

Those cats were really great, and made me want to have one even more >w<
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